University of Kerala
Semester System in Affiliated Colleges
(From 2010 admission onwards - Revised Syllabi)


Semester I      Paper I             AL 211           Functional Arabic                                               Max.    100 Marks

                          Paper II           AL 212            Classical Arabic Literature                                           100

                          Paper III          AL 213            Qur'anic & Hadith Literature                                         100

                          Paper IV          AL 214            Modern Arabic Poetry                                                   100


Semester II      Paper V           AL 221            Communicative Arabic                                                100

                           Paper VI          AL 222            Medieval Arabic Literature                                          100

                           Paper VII         AL 223            Arabic Literature in India                                             100

                           Paper VIII        AL 224            Linguistics, Rhetoric and Prosody                             100


Semester III    Paper IX          AL 231            Literary Theory and Criticism                                       100

                          Paper X           AL 232            Translation: Theory and Practice                                100

                          Paper XI          AL 233            Drama and Fiction in Arabic                                        100

                          Paper XII         AL 234            Elective I                                                                          100

                                                AL 234 A        Special Author: Najib Mahfouz

                                                AL 234 B        Women's Writing in Arabic

                                                AL 234 C        Methodology of Research

                                                AL 234 D        History of Islam

                                                AL 234 E        Applied Grammar

                                                AL 234 F        Special Poet: Hafiz Ibrahim


Semester IV         Paper XIII            AL 241            Contemporary Arab World                               100

Paper XIV          AL 242            Arabic Journalism and Essay Writing             100

Paper XV           AL 243            Methodology of Arabic Education                   100

Paper XVI          AL 244            Elective II                                                              100

                                                AL 244 A        Special Poet: Mahmud Darwish

                                                AL 244 B        Computer Applications in Arabic: Theory and Practice

                                                AL 244 C        Commercial Practices in Arabic

                                                AL 244 D        Mahjar Literature

                                                AL 244 E        Comparative Literature

                                                AL 244 F        Special Author: Tawfiq al-Hakim


[ For the 16 papers as per University regulations, 75 marks out of the total 100 is set apart for End Semester Assessment and 25 marks for Continuous Assessment. For each paper, Continuous Assessment will consist of attendance (5 marks), assignment (5 marks), Seminar (5 marks) and Test paper (10 marks). ]


AL 245            Dissertation                                                     100

                                                               AL 246            Comprehensive Viva-Voce                           100


Grand Total                  1800

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