1.  Modern Women Image in the works of Layla al-Uthman (Kuwait)
     presented by Dr. K. Jamaludeen, WMO College, Wayanadu.
2.  Metacriticism
     presented by Dr. E. Abdul Majeed, Maharaja's College, Ernakulam
3.  Post  Modern  Trends in Emigrant Arabic  literature
     presented by Dr. M.  Kabeer,  Mannaniyya Arts & Science College,  
4. Feminist  Perspectives on individual freedom and collective identity: a case study
     presented by  A. Muhamed  Shah,  PTM Government College, Perinthalmanna
5. Contemporary Arabic Theatre in Palestine
     presented by  A. Shanil, Department of Arabic, University of Kerala, Kariavattom
6.  Historical images in the poetry of  Mahmud  Darwish ( Palestine )
     presented by K. Jabir,  Maharaja's college, Ernakulam
7.  Intertextuality in traditional and modern Arabic
      presented by P.T.  Sainudeen, PTM Government College, Perinthalmanna
8.  Societal criticism in the novels of Ala'  al- Aswani ( Egypt )
     presented by U. P. Mohammed Abid, Sree Sankara University,
     Tirur Regional Centre
9.  Structuralism in Contemporary Arabic critical reading
     presented by  N.  Shamnad, University college, Thiruvananthapuram

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