The department has been offering UGC's career oriented add-on courses in Functional Arabic. The courses are
 1. Certificate course in Modern Arabic with Computer Applications

2.  Diploma Course in Functional Arabic 
3. Advance Diploma course in commercial Arabic.
The course has been conducting successfully for the last four years.


 Download the Syllabus of Add on Courses in Arabic


Scheme of the Career Orientation Programmes of UGC
 (Add-on Courses in Functional Arabic)
 introduced at first degree level in the College during  the 10th Plan Period

1. Programmes  : A. Certificate Course in Modern Arabic with Computer Application

                            : B. Diploma Course in Functional Arabic

                            : C. Advanced Diploma in Commercial Arabic


2. Introduction  : The courses are designed and implemented by the department of  Arabic, University College, Thiruvananthapuram which shall be organized through the Career Orientation Council of the college.


3. Objectives        : General objective of the courses is to prepare young men and women to undertake self employment and to seek employment in several new fields in India and Gulf Arab countries. These  courses impart to the learners a practical knowledge in Arabic required for the fields of Travel, Tourism, Hotel Industry, Advertising, Export and Journalism.

Particular Objectives of the three courses are as follows :


A.    The Certificate Course aims at introducing to the learners Modern Arabic, the lingua franca of all Arab States and helping them to acquire basic skills in it. It also envisages to equip the students in  computer application using Arabic Software .

B.     The Diploma Course shall enable the learners to use Arabic as a Functional Language by developing Written, Oral and Translation Skills. It also provides Job Training through Arabic supported Computer Programmes.

C.     The Advanced Diploma Course shall develop the competency of the learners to undertake commercial correspondence and oral communication in Arabic and to familiarize with the spoken dialect variation in it. It also aims at  getting acquainted with the functioning of Travel and Tourism Industries.


4. Job Potential  :


1.         Self Employment :

1.      Tutor in Arabic for Professionals and Travelers

2.      Consultation Service including Translation and other Job works for employment seekers in Gulf Countries or those who have business transactions with the Arabs.


2.         Placement :

  1. As clerical assistant / Technician in offices / companies in Arab Countries.

  2. Language Consultant for establishments in the fields of  Man Power Recruitment , Travel, Tourism, Hotel Industry , Airlines, Advertising and Journalism.


5. Institutions / Agencies with which commercial collaboration/ linkage and technical guidance can be made for Practical Training:



  1. Departments of Non Resident Keralites Affairs & Tourism, Government. of Kerala.

  2. Overseas Development and Employment Promotion Consultants Ltd.(ODEPC),      Thiruvananthapuram.

  3. Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies (KITTS), Thiruvananthapuram.

  4. Office of the Protector of Emigrants , Thiruvananthapuram

  5. Recognized firms of Cargo and Airline Services

  6. Approved Man Power Recruitment/ Travel Agencies.



6. Course Duration: The courses are of  a progressive nature . Each course shall be of  30 credits spread over one academic year. Each credit shall have 15 hours of workload .The classes shall be conducted in evenings on working days and on Saturdays / Holidays.


7. Eligibility for Admission : Admission to the Certificate Course is open to the candidates who joined this college  for B.A./B.Sc. degree classes in any discipline. A pass in the Certificate Course is required for admission to the Diploma Course and those who passed the Diploma Course shall be eligible for admission to the Advanced Diploma Course.


8. Selection of Students : Total number of seats is 40 .Selection of students shall be as per the norms framed by the College Career Orientation Council.


9. Tuition Fees : :

  • Certificate Course    : Rs. 1500

  • Diploma Course       : Rs. 1500

  • Advanced Diploma  : Rs. 1500

Payment of fees may be made in lump sum at the time admission . Students enjoying fee    concession in their regular courses may be exempted from fees subject to a maximum of 20 %   of the total students admitted in each course.


10. Conducting Examination and Issue of Certificates :  Examination of these Programmes shall be conducted through Career Orientation Council of the college and successful candidates shall be issued certificates by the college as approved and authenticated by University of Kerala.


12. Classification of  successful candidates:  Pass minimum for each course shall be 50% in aggregate. Successful candidates shall be graded as follows :

Between 50% and 60% - C Grade

Between 60% and 80% - B Grade

80% and above              - A Grade


13. Conducting Classes         :

a) The infrastructure  available in the Department of Arabic shall be utilized for theory and practical classes.

 b)Classes shall be conducted making use of printed/ xerographic notes , Audio Cassettes , CDs      

 and Language Laboratory facilities.


14. Teaching Faculty :

a) Service of the staff members in the Department of Arabic  shall be utilized for teaching Arabic and allied papers.


b) Interdisciplinary topics shall be taught by the guest faculty of experts drawn from the respective fields . The Career Orientation Council shall finalize the list of  guest faculty in consultation with the agencies / firms concerned.





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