PUBLICATIONS : International

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  8. "Kalila wa Dimna": The Question of Its Indian Origin, al-Majalla al-Thaqafiyya Online Journal, 10 October, 2013, Algeria

PUBLICATIONS : National & Regional

  1. (Six Days that reshaped the map), "Bhoopadam Mattivaracha Aaru Dinangal", Remembering 6 Day War of 1967, Madhyamam Daily, 18 June 2017
  2. Qatar Diplomatic Crisis: an analysis, Marunadan Malayali Online News Portal, 9 June 2017
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  7. (A Philosopher who deconstructed the Arab Heritage), "Arab Samskruthiye Apanirmicha Chinthakan", A Tribute to George Tharabishi, Thejas Daily Sunday Supplement, 10 April 2016
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  9. "Duranda Naadakam Poloru Jeevitham(Life like a tragedy), A Tribute to Ashraf Pahlawi, Mahila Chandrika Magazine, February 2016
  10. (A Story writer who swam against the current), "Ozhukkinetire Neenthiya Kadhakaran", A Tribute to Edward al-Kharrat, Madhyamam Sunday Supplement, 25December 2015

  11. "Marubhoomiyil Maathram Jeevichoral" (One Who lived in deserts only), A Tribute to Omar al-Sherif, Madhyamam Sunday Supplement, 26 July 2015
  12. "Kavithaye Aayudhamaakkiya Viplavakaari"(A Rebel who used poetry as a weapon), Sanghashabdam, ISSN 2321-9106, June-July 2015, P 52-54, Association of Kerala Government College Teachers (AKGCT)
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  14. "Arab Prasadhaka Lokathe Penperuma" (Women Excellence in the World of Arab Publishers), Interview with Dr. Maryam al-Shinasi, Madhyamam Friday Supplement, 3 July 2015
  15. "Kavitha Kalaapamaakumbol" (When Poetry becomes Revolution), Long Interview with Adonis, Madhyamam Weekly, 25 May 2015, PP 32-41
  16. "Swathanthryam Thanne Manushyathwam(Freedom is Humanity), Meet the Poet Programme With AdonisVijnana Kairali JournalPP 40-42, Kerala Bhasha Institute, 5 June 2015
  17. "Viplavam Ennathu Aru Kolakalalla" (Revolutions is not the killings), Interview with Adonis, Madhyamam Sunday Supplement10 May
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